Why Crossfit?


Crossfit is much more than heavy weights and big muscles. It is healthy movements, social and personal development, Lasse Nymand Petersen says.

Lasse Nymand Petersen, 38 years old, is a certified Crossfit trainer and teaches Crossfit. Many immediately think that it is something with big muscles, heavy weights and lifting large tires when they hear the word Crossfit, but it’s much more than that, Lasse says.

– Crossfit is about reaching your own personal goals. With healthy movement, which focuses on the movements we need in everyday life, and with individual levels Crossfit is a sport for all.

What is CrossFit?
Crossfit is a scientific approach to strength, endurance and gymnastic movements. The work out is constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. They constant varied exercises and movements ensures that the body develops. When exercises are constantly varied, it means that the body does not have time to get used to them. The high intensity keeps the pulse up, which is good for blood circulation while increasing the burning of fat.

This functional and effective form of exercise ensures that you get a better life both physically and mentally, as most of the exercises one can be transferred to everyday chores.

There is also focus on building solidarity among the participants and on a healthy diet. It’s your personal goals and personal development that is in focus.

Will make Greenland stronger and healthier
– I recently opened, along with Charlotte Match and three other investors a CrossFit box here in Nuuk, says Lasse.

The new CrossFit box has the name CrossFit Inua, to emphasize the importance of the »spirit« behind Inua, but also to illustrate what is behind the CrossFit world – such as respect and reciprocity.

– We want to create a place where people with functional training and unity can create a healthier lifestyle, Lasse says.

– At the same time, it also comes from our own joy and motivation to exercise CrossFit, and the dream of creating the best training opportunities for others.


CrossFit Inua
– We also offer a lot of other things in addition to traditional CrossFit training.

We offer Introduction teams, children’s team, running team, Anaana CrossFit, 50+ team, bootcamps and much more, Lasse says.

– We also have treadmills, rowing machines and assault bikes, which can be used freely as a member.

– We also offer workshops on nutrition, personal development, coach development and training for athletes. We organize lectures with top athletes and leaders on fighter mentality.

– You can see our prices on our website, and we have an app where you can sign up for our activities.

The coach Lasse
Lasse has for a long time wanted to be a personal trainer and help people to achieve their goals. He has over the years participated in the Arctic Circle Race, KangNu, Nuuk Kapi Tour, Marathon in New York and many half marathon.

He started as coach in Project Matu in 1999, where he spent six years. He has since continued to train. He discovered CrossFit in 2012 and has since taught CrossFit around 10 hours a week.

– CrossFit has given me everything I have been looking in the sports world, Lasse Nymand Petersen ends.

Facts about Lasse

  • 2012: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • 2012: CrossFit Endurance Trainer (running)
  • 2013: Pose Running Technician
  • 2014: CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer (level 1)
  • 2015: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

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