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A drone is the new and promising tool for photographer Ulrik Bang, BANG.GL

A cold winter morning at the end of C.E. Jansensvej, stand two men looking concentrated into the sky. One of the men is holding a small screen, the other with a type of joystick. It is quiet, except for a distant sum that is gaining strength while it is getting closer. As it comes closer, we see more clearly the outline of a black thing, that looks like a cross between a LEGO kit and a vessel from Star Wars. It is approximately 75 cm in diameter, shaped like a large insect with four propeller arms. There is a camera mounted in the front, and the view from it can be seen on the screen they are holding.

First private in Greenland
The man with the joystick is Ulrik Bang. He is a professional photojournalist and has for approximately ten years had his company BANG.GL in Nuuk, and tasks include everything from advertising images and still photos for TV productions, documentaries and project management.

BANG.GL is the first private company that has been authorized to use the drone in  business context and the job on the mountain that day is among the first of it’s kind for Ulrik Bang.

Together with his assistant Hans Ulrik he is making aerial images of the area for a customer.

– I have had a growing demand from customers, and I am intrigued by the possibility of making image from a different angle than usual. That is why I chose to become certified as a drone operator, Ulrik says.

It requires training and an exam from the Transportation Authority, and you can after completion apply for an exemption from the general law in this area.

– I got my dispensation in September, and it allows me to fly over the city, where all others must keep a distance of 150 meters.

– Others must also keep at least 5 km away from airports and heliports, where I am allowed to be 2 km away and sometimes even closer, if I get an agreement with Mittarfeqarfiit, Ulrik Bang explains.


What can the drone used for?
Drone Recordings has been developing rapidly in Europe and elsewhere in the world in the recent years, and the use options are numerous.

Contractors and builders can for example use recordings to inspect hard to reach places like the roofs on buildings, electricity poles and the like, instead of having to use a crane. Urban city developers can use the footage as the basis for the visualization of a new building.

– You can make aerial images from low altitude and at a much lower price than, for example by helicopter, which can be used for new angles in film and television productions.

– Biologists can use drone footage for monitoring and counting of for example whales and musk ox.

– Of course there are a number of precautions when using a drone, and it is a good idea with education, especially when using drones in a city. My drone weighs up to 4.5 kg depending on the exiptment and must obviously not fall on anyone. Therefore I am very caucus about the safety and security issues, and I have postponed this task several times, because it of the wind.

– At the training we learned amongst other things about the weather, wind and how to keep a logbook for your drone, Ulrik Bang says.

New is good
Ulrik Bang has always been at the forefront when it comes to use of new equipment. 10 years ago he was one of the first in Greenland who began working with HD video.

– I think it’s exciting with something new and I attempt to develop my visual language and my business all the time. But it is of course the content that counts the most. It’s the stories and the messages that are most important to me, and technology helps me to communicate the message better all the time, Ulrik Bang ends.

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