The good ship Kisaq


»To sail is to live« can easily be said to be Ellen and Anders Pedersen’s motto. They have for 25 years made a living at sea. Many people have been fortunate to have  the experience to sail with Ellen and Anders, as they have been offering charter tours all these years for a variety of people, both private and for business.

Anders is the captain of the ship. He has a long professional history that has given him a very good background to sail his own ship. He is an electrician and electrical engineer, and has worked several years in a garage, which gave him great knowledge about engines.

This makes it possible for Anders to fix most things himself, where others usually hire help. It is rare Anders can’t do the repairs himself. He has even installed a radar and maintains the ship.

The dream quickly came true
Back in the 1970s Anders worked in Maarmorilik mine that was located near Uummannaq. Anders and a friend had a good eye on the medical boat in Uummannaq. Together they dreamed about taking over the boat when the opportunity arose. They bought it right away, shortly after the boat went up for sale.

They spent a few years fixing the ship before it was ready to sail. They chose to get it approved for passenger service, as they spend quite a lot on repairs.

Charter tours full time
Anders realized that sailing was his calling, and after many years of experience, he bought the ship M/S Kissavik which he and Ellen used for about 10 years.

The ship has provided Anders and Ellen great experience with sailing in Greenlandic waters.


They bought Kisaq in 1998. Anders spent two long years fixing up the interior. The ship has room and approval for 12 passengers. The ship is equipped with six cabins that are furnished with bunk beds and closets so guests can feel at home in peace and quiet. There is a large living room, which is divided into two sections on each side of the ship. There is a dining area on one side of the ship while there are two tables on the other side, with room to relax. It also has a functional kitchen and a compartment of the vessel which is reserved for crew.

Many options
Kisaq is used for many different purposes all year round. The high season is from April to the hunting season which ends mid-October. They sail all year, but it is usually in the winter that they have time to maintain the ship.

Busy period
The ship is booked by foreign heli-skiing guides early every year. They bring new guests who want to ski, usually around Maniitsoq but sometimes also around Uummannaq. Heli-skiing means that guests are flown by helicopter onto a mountain top where they ski untouched snow.

Other guests who can’t afford the helicopter hike up the mountainsides and ski down. This is called randonee skiing. It is typically biologists, public companies and mining companies that use Kisaq as a hotel ship from May until the end of summer. There is usually not much sailing on those trips, but it suits Anders well to help when there are machines to be started, or other technical tasks to be solved.


kisaq-06-380Autumn trips
There are many annual trips late summer and autumn, where friends go hunting or on an adventure for a extended weekend. It is a much needed break for many, a way to get away for a while where they don’t have to think about sailing or cooking.

Book well in advance
If you want to experience a trip with Kisaq, its important to book well in advance as there is a great demand for tours. Anders is almost always available by phone, as he has a satellite phone onboard. Otherwise you can send an email that they answer when in port.

The route is coordinated with Anders and it is obviously a major factor in pricing the trip.

You never go hungry with Ellen in the kitchen. It is delicious classic food, and it provides excellent energy for those mountain hikes.

The website is not updated but provides insight about the ship and contact information.


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