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Suicide is unfortunately a very common problem in Greenland. The association Inuuneruna Iggoraarsuk aims to put a stop to the problem with a new hotline and chat on the Internet.

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For Paninnguaq Heilmann suicide seemed like the only way out at a down point of her life. She was 19 years old, alcoholic and severely depressed. If it wasn’t for her, then15-year-old, sister she would not be alive today.

– I was well on my way to destroy myself. My life consisted of anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, self-harm (cutting), bulimia, alcoholism, blackouts, violence and everything inside me was a raging battle, Paninnguaq shares.

– After my suicide attempt, I decided to do something about myself. I went into treatment, sobered up and began to straighten up my life. Paninnguaq completed primary school, and is now in high school. At the same time, she works on her suicide prevention project Inuuneruna Iggoraarsuk – Life is beautiful.


Inuuneruna Iggoraarsuk – Life is Beautiful
In 2014 Paninnguaq, years after she was back on her feet, got terrible news that a friend from the treatment center had died. At that time there was yet another suicide in South Greenland. That was the drop for Paninnguaq.

– I had to do something about it, Paninnguaq says.

– It is not ok that people think that suicide is the only way out, it is absolutely not.

The ideas flew through her head. How could you put an end to the problem? This was how the Facebook page, Inuuneruna Iggoraarsuk began.


Great interest
The facebook page was originally created to show that you are not alone. Photos with people from the local communities with statesments as »Support Life« or »Life is Beautiful« was posted on the Facebook page, and it got a lot of attention. Paninnguaq was soon contacted by the media, but also by ordinary people who needed help.

– It was very overwhelming that so much happened in such a short time, Paninnguaq says.

– The project is going really well and I think we have reached many people. We are currently trying to expand, so we can reach even more people.

New website
They have created a website called where people who have a hard time can get help. It is a page where you can chat and have debates. It will be a forum for those who need help. The chat will be open 24/7, where it is possible to write in if you need help. There will also be a hotline where you can call for help, or if you just need someone to talk to.

– It’s going to be volunteers who sits behind the screen and on the phone, Paninnguaq says.

– You do not have to have experience or be educated, but there are some tests that determine if people are qualified to help others.

Become a volunteer
If you want to become a volunteer, please contact them by email here:

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