Qernertunnguit Peninsula


Nuuk offers many attractions that can be reached on foot. One of them is the Peninsula, located in the Qernertunnguit area, where Inuk Hostels also is located.

Get home with dry feet
The fascinating thing is that it can only be visited at low tide. You have to plan your visit to the peninsula so that you get home with dry feet. Otherwise, you will have to patiently wait until it again becomes lower waters. If you have passed at low tide, you will have about 4-6 hours on the peninsula before you have to return. It is therefore important to check the tide table before a visit.

The passage to the peninsula
The passage to the peninsula itself is a great place that changes depending on the season. Sometimes you get down there and be greeted by beached ice floes and sometimes the passage is almost completely overgrown with seaweed. There is a small lake in the center at low tide, where a variety of birds often hang out.

The passage is a great place to pick mussels at low tide, and there are plenty of them.

Rich flora
It seems like the peninsula has its own little microclimate. It is lush and green, with some flowers such as rose root, alpine chickweed, mountain crowberry and many other plants and flowers.

On the peninsula you will find many birds, that are worth studying.

A beautiful pantry
The rocky side of the peninsula towards Nuussuaq is a good fishing site since it becomes very deep quickly. Here it is easy to get a good big cod on the hook. Along the cliff edge, just below sea level, sits a very large number of sea urchins, which for some is a delicacy.

A small oasis
The peninsula is like a little oasis where you can enjoy the tranquility within walking distance of the city all to yourself. Occasionally people spend the night in tents on the island during the summer months.

The rocks that can be found on the beach towards Nordlandet are very smooth as they are polished by sand and water. Often you can find water-washed wooden branches that have washed on shore, which in themselves are small works of art.

As with all other trips in nature, change of weather, cold and wind, can be dangerous if you must be out longer than intended. Always tell others where you are going, and notify when you are safely home again. Bring extra warm and windproof clothing.

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