Promising career ruined by a serious knee injury


The 36-year-old Malik Hegelund Olsen had to stop a promising sports career – Today he is the chairman of Elite Sport Greenland

By John Jakobsen

Elite Sport Greenland has this summer changed Chairman. Out went Finn Meinel – In came Malik Hegelund Olsen – as said in the language of sports. Malik is a well known name in Greenland – known for his music and especially his marriage to singer Nina Kreutzmann Jorgensen.

  – I began competing in alpine skiing when I was nine years old. I got serious in the sport in the club SSP (Sisimiut), that brought me on two trips to France. Since then I joined NS-84 from Nuuk, and went on a number of trips to Norway and Sweden to participate in DM (Danish Championship). I also participated in a children’s VM (Topolino) when I was 14-15 years, Malik says.

  – Unfortunately, I got injured at GM in 1997 and tore my anterior cruciate ligament. I had surgery, got a new cruciate ligament, and could after continue to do alpine sports. After elementary school, I was accepted to Norwegian Topidretts Gymnasium in Lillehammer, and moved into a house together with some other Greenlandic and Danish skiers.

After only eight months in Lillehammer,  I unfortunately again tore my ACL, the one I have had surgery on. It made me decide to go home and drop my career in downhill skiing. At this point I had earned enough points to join the Junior World Championships.

  – I played badminton and football as a kid. I tried table tennis and karate, but it didn’t catch my interest, so I stopped pretty quickly. I always thought it would be fun to try to be a handball goalkeeper, but I have never tried it for real.

  – Sports means a lot to me. I get a lot of energy from it, and it is like a stress-relieve doing sports. I also like the social interaction that you get doing sports, even in individual sports, where I usually have someone I train with.

  – Today I do both alpine and telemark when the knee allows it, biking both in the mountains and on the roads, soccer and some running in the mountains and fitness.

Guidance and Support
– My goal for Elite Sport Greenland is that the Greenlandic elite athletes have the best conditions to achieve their goals in sports. This means that Elite Sport Greenland supports the person in many aspects, not just economically but also in terms of guidance and support.

  – It is incredibly important that both mind and body are in sink to be able to do your best in sports. This means that it is not enough to develop physically or technically, you will also need to develop your mental capacity, so that at any time, you are able to give your best performance in training and / or competitive situations.

  – That is why Elite Sport Greenland aims to be more supportive in these areas, and ensure that the Greenlandic athletes get the right mental and physical conditions to develop.

  – My dream is that Greenland in the future have a delegation of proud and talented athletes who can achieve good results for Greenland in some of the major events (Olympics and World Championships).

Musician and family man
– To be very devoted and active in various areas requires planning. And I must admit, that things occasionally stumble over one another, when I am as active as I am. But I try, whenever possible, to plan things so they don’t interfere with each other.

  – I prioritize my family, when things happen at the same time. Next comes work and everything else. I like to have many balls in the air, it motivates me.

  • Name: Malik Peter Hegelund Olsen.
  • Work: Sales Manager at Royal Greenland A / S.
  • Born: October 20, 1979 in Nuuk.
  • Weight: 83 kg.
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Which sports do you do? Alpine skiing, telemark, mountain biking, cycling, running, fitness, and soccer.
  • My sport: Soccer, B 67 Old-boys.
  • How often do you exercise: 3-4 times a week.
  • Favourit food: My father’s food.
  • Do you make your own food: Yes, I like to cook.
  • How is your relationship with beer, liquor and cigarettes? I enjoy beer and alcohol in the company of good friends. I do not smoke. I have previously used snuff, but I stopped.
  • What music do you enjoy: I like a lot of different of music, but mostly calm music. I like The Eagles, Eric Clapton and John Mayer, probably because I enjoy the good guitar sound in their music.
  • Do you read books, newspapers or you watch the news on the web? Yes, everything.
  • Do you often go to the movies – in Katuaq – or watch movies on TV: I like to watch movies in the cinema, but there is just not as much time for it. So I mostly watch movies on TV.
  • Marital status: I am married to Nina Kreutzmann Jorgensen. We have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful children together, Ivi Luna 10 years old, and Vittu ‘of 8 years.
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