Panduro has had a good start


With between 300 and 500 customers a day, Panduro got a really good start. The very first day over 1000 customers came by.

From baking items to yarn
The new hobby store in town has everything from clay to make-it-yourself jewelry.

– Our baking items are selling well, says store manager Frederikke Vonsild.

– We also sell a lot of yarn and painting equipment.

Something for everyone
Panduro has items for every age. For children, young adults and adults. For the creative and not so creative. Items that has to be built from scratch, and others that are partly done.

They also have various family items, where the family can be create something together.

Open all week
Panduro is open every day from 10-18, also on Sundays.

– There are definitely the most customers on Saturday, Fred says. Sunday is quieter, where customers can brouse in a calmer tempo.

Christmas at Panduro
The shelves are filled with do-it-yourself Christmas cards, Christmas heart kits and wrapping paper.

You can find great Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations and Christmas ornaments at Panduro.

Panduro in Sisimiut
Panduro is doing very well in Nuuk so the plan is to open a store in Sisimiut.

– We are working on the idea of ​​opening a Panduro store in Sisimiut, says Jes Nyborg.

– It will be a shop in a store. Panduro will be located inside Brugseni.

– There will also be a 2% dividend on the goods as at our Panduro here in Nuuk, Jes says.

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