International conference puts the security and governance of the Arctic on the agenda


The security, resilience and sustainability of the globalised Arctic region and its people will be on the agenda when researchers, ministers, politicians and diplomats from all over the world meet for the MatchPoints Seminar in Aarhus, Denmark on 12-13 November. The overall aim of the conference is to provide a forum for discussion what instruments of governance might best contribute to positive development.  

»The conference is an important step towards ensuring that the Arctic will continue to be a peaceful region characterised by close international collaboration –for the sake of both the people, the environment and the climate.« says Michael Böss, director of the MatchPoints seminar and assistant professor at Aarhus University.

Among the participants are the Danish Arctic ambassadors and the Canadian and Norwegian ambassadors to Denmark, Russian government representatives, Danish ministers, representatives from Greenland, and other stakeholders and prominent researchers and experts from around the world.

The conference will address how the various relevant dimensions of security (military, economic, environmental, energy and human) manifest themselves in the governance of the Arctic as well as what kinds of policy interventions and instruments might best address the region’s challenges. The conference will also focus on how Nordic countries and regions, including Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Aaland Islands, can contribute to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Arctic region through collaborative efforts based on their shared social, human, environmental and democratic values.

Aarhus University is the main organiser of the MatchPoints Seminars, and  the conference will be held in collaboration with a number of other Scandinavian universities. Other partners include a number of Danish ministries, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Arctic Council.

The programme will start on Thursday 12 November at 9:00 and will end on Friday 13 November at 17:00. The conference venue is the Main Hall (Aulaen) at Aarhus University, Nordre Ringgade 4, Aarhus, Denmark.   

Participating academic speakers and debaters will include Professor Michael Byers (University of British Columbia), Professor John Mearsheimer (University of Chicago), Professor Rob Huebert (University of Calgary), Professor Alexander Sergunin (St. Petersburg State University), Professor Minik Rosing (University of Copenhagen), Professor Steven Miller (Harvard University) and Professor Ellen Margrethe Basse (Aarhus University).

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The conference is open to the public.

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