Hiking book from Nuuk


John Pedersen from Nuuk wrote in 2002 »Hiking in Greenland« for Greenland Tourism. He wanted to write a hiking guide for beginners in the hikers world. It was a small hiking guide »Mountain vacation step by step« which was published in 2014. It is now available again in an updated version as an E-book.

– I came to Nuuk in February 2013. I work in the financial department in the  Greenlandic Ministry of Health, with Dr. Ingrid Hospital as the primary area. My wife Bettina was born in Aasiaat, but has lived in Denmark for many years. My daughter and son (18 and 19 years) attend the gymnasium in Nuuk. Our oldest son lives in Denmark (26 years).

– We enjoy living here, and like the clean air and wide open spaces. We have limited skills in Greenlandic, but we are working on getting better at the language gradually, John says.

Hiking and nature
I’ve always enjoyed being in nature. In my younger years I began canoeing in Sweden. In 1985 I went with two friends to Lapland on our first hiking trip in the wilderness. I have since gone on hiking trips in Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Here in Greenland nature is right outside your door. I have gone on many small and large hiking trips, hunting, fishing and several training trips with overnights in tents. I have also done winter trips to test gear and sleeping bags below minus 30 C, with the northern lights dancing above us.

Tranquility and relaxation
– I’m not an elite hiker, but enjoy going on short and slightly longer trips when it fits into the schedule with my family or when friends can come along. Nature experiences are for me all about enjoying the peace and quiet and just enjoy the hike. It is not to »boast« of the length of the trip or the hardships.

– Hiking is about being away from everyday life and relax in a place where no one can reach you. To feel great and enjoy the weather. Enjoy the simplicity of sleeping in a tent and enjoy nature’s different seasons and generous silence, the wind and a  good night’s sleep in the world’s cleanest wilderness.

– A weekend or one overnight stay where often only a few kilometers are hiked with friends who have young children, is also a good experience which I appreciate, John says.

Mountain Holidays step by step
I have tried to write the book in a simple way, so you do not have to read hundreds of pages, to go on a hiking trip. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy equipment, but with simple advice and exercises, one can easily go on a hike.

Several brands that are not as well known, can easily be used in the mountains. A hiking guide for the poor, is perhaps to exaggerate, but you can go on a hike, without emptying your bank account, John Pedersen ends.

The book »Mountain vacation step by step« can purchased and downloaded at Saxo.com and other places.

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