Gourmet coffee in Nuuk


Nanoq Coffee is owned by the 34-year-old entrepreneur, Angu Kardel and his wife, Naasu Mølgaard Lennert. They operate a small business, where they amongst other things sell quality coffee from Italy. But the dream is greater than that.

Angu Kardel’s dream is to create something that can benefit the future of Greenland.

– I’m looking at opportunities, Angu says. In their small shop in the Entrepreneurial House behind Videobutikken, the shelves are filled with delicious coffees and teas from brands like Becking Coffee from Germany and Parana Caffé from Italy.

Angu and Naasu have sampled everything they sell at different factories and coffee houses. The couple has traveled around the world and visited some carefully selected coffee roasters. The trips were for example to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Iceland.

– We chose coffee based on criteria such as quality, good commodity processing, knowledge and experience.

Coffee roasting
Angu studied business management and informatics at Roskilde University in Denmark, but he quickly found out that it was something else that was his passion. On a trip to Uganda Angu visited some coffee farms, and this was where it all started.

– I could relate to Greenland when I was in Uganda, Angu says.

– You can create good products worldwide if you have the right knowledge. He therefore started Nanoq Coffee in July 2014. But Angu dreams not just about selling coffee in Greenland, but would like to begin roasting coffee, so it will be a Greenlandic product with Greenlandic flavor.

– I’ll find a way. It’s fun to create something yourself.

Cosy shop
The small shop functions both as a store and office, and is open weekdays from 12-17 and Saturdays 12-16. Here you can buy whole coffee beans, or have them freshly ground. The shop also sells equipment for making coffee, coffee grinders, chocolate beans and books about good coffee, if you are looking for a Christmas or business present.

– We have a solid customer base of individuals and companies who do business with us, and we are very grateful for that, Angu says.

– But there is always room for more. Nanoq Coffee made earlier this year a coffee study with 160 participants. It shows that the interest for coffee is great in Greenland, so we’ll probably hear much more about Nanoq Coffee in the future.

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