Danish university exchange student


There are not many who know that you can become an exchange student in Greenland while you study at a university in Copenhagen. There would probably be more people would take the opportunity if they knew it was an option, Edith Lauglo Endsjø says. She has been in Nuuk for a month to study.

Unfamiliar country
– I did not know much about modern Greenland, before I came here, Edith Lauglo Endsjø says.

Edith is 32 and studying political science at the University of Copenhagen.

She has been in Nuuk for one month where she studied at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland.

There were many of her fellow students in Copenhagen, who wondered why Edith chose to go to Greenland.

– We do not know a lot about Greenland in Denmark, so people were wondering why I chose to go to Greenland, Edith says.

Edith says that knowledge about Greenland and the Danish Realm are not part of the political science compulsory curriculum. She finds this very unfortunate.

– We should learn more about Greenland in Denmark, for example, about how the Self-Government   Act works and about Greenland in general, Edith says.

Maybe »see you again«
Edith wishes that she could stay in Nuuk a little longer.

– I really like being here. The nature, the water and the mountains providing a calm that you can not get elsewhere. It all reminds me a lot about my childhood in Trondheim, Norway. The nature is very similar.

– I could easily imagine living and working here. I’ve thought about coming up here again to write my PhD, Edith says.

Work out and nature
Edith has spent a lot of her spare time while in Nuuk working out and hiking.

– I have hiked a lot and I have of course done the mandatory route around Lille Malene. It was incredibly beautiful. There has also been room for other things than studying and spending time in  nature.

– Of cause I have gone out. It reminds me a lot about the way they do it in Trondheim. The party doesn’t really starts until the bars close.

– I’ve met a lot of people, and people have given me a really warm welcome, Edith Lauglo Endsjø ends.

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