Cafétuaq has a new menu and chef


Cafetuaq’s new menu reflects more than before Greenland. Local produce are used along with the classic cafe menu.

Local produce
Cafetuaq’s new chef Rune Collin – former owner of the restaurant Nipisaq – has put together the new menu. They use delicious fresh ingredients with emphasis on local cuisine in ensemble with regular café food.

– I want to use as many local ingredients as possible. It is very important for me to use as much from Greenland as possible, Rune says.

– I like to combine the original café food with local products and make it a little more »gourmet«.

The new menu is filled with delicious dishes. You can choose between three categories; Greenlandic specialties, vegetarian and Classic Cafe courses. The rack of lamb melts in the mouth and the cold seafood pasta salad makes you feel like you really are in Greenland. The lovely vegetarian lasagne filled with fresh vegetables and delicious soy crunch that makes you to doubt whether it really is a vegetarian lasagna.

– We have had several customers who complained that there was meat in our vegetarian lasagne – but this is just soy crunch, Chef Rune says.

The dishes are full of flavor, and all the dishes on the menu are reasonably priced.

It is a pleasure to enjoy a fresh and delicious meal In the café’s cozy and calm environment.

Katuaq shares that Cafétuaq is a popular gathering spot for many. Couples, families, tourists, musicians who performs and artists that have exhibits in Katuaq.

This is reflected in the menu that is both in Greenlandic, Danish and English, and you will also find a good children’s menu, and a great brunch buffet on the weekends.

Greenland’s culture house
The culture house Katuaq has plenty to offer. As something new Katuaq hosted  »Art Cinema« in October beside the normal films. They also hosts many concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and many conferences take place at Katuaq.

That Katuaq can overcome challenges is obvious, as an example is this year’s music festival, where 1200 people came by for several days during the festival, and week 43 where Katuaq hosted a lot of events during Nuuk Nordic Cultural Festival.

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