Art workshop gets a facelift


The art workshop has for a while been temporarily placed in Illorput, but it has now moved back to Nuukullak, in the basement of the green house next to Nuuk Auto.

They have made big improvements and it is now a much greater facility for both for the artists and for the visitors.

There is a workshop for those who work in soapstone. There are many artists that daily are working here with the soft soapstone found in Nuuk area.

One of the artists says that he finds the soapstone for both himself and the other artists on Ukkusissat and a few other places in the fjord.

The quality of the soapstone art vary, but some of the artists are very skilled and it is definitely worth stopping by the workshop.

Bone, wood and stone
There are two different workshops on the first floor. The largest is the one where they work in bone.

Along the wall is room for artists carving reindeer antlers, musk ox horn, narwhal tooth, baleen and other similar materials.

They primarily make jewelry, but also utility items, decorative items and other things which are carved and polished neatly.

In the last workshop in the house artists work with wood and stones. There are machines for woodwork and grinding machines for gemstones.

The unique artwork are sold to Nuuk’s citizens and tourists.

Work wisely
The health factors, when working in the above mentioned material, are a priority in the new house. There is good ventilation and a requirement to wear masks and protective clothing when working with for example soapstone, that creates very fine dust that can damage the lungs.

There are also house rules that helps keep that the house clean, tidy and welcoming.

There are therefore many reasons to come by the house, see the products and have a chat with the very friendly craftsmen. The price is always negotiable if you find a thing or two that you like.

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