Arctic Sounds 2016 starts today


Even though there is still one week to opening concert of Arctic Sounds 2016, the first artists are already arriving to Sisimiut today.

That is because the week before festival is dedicated to developing talent, song writing and workshops for artists from the entire North.

This year is the third annual festival, and it has already grown rapidly. When the festival was held for the first time in 2013, around 40 artists participated. This year the number is closer to 75.

During the workshop and the festival it will be possible for interested media to gain access to a photo database, which will be updated daily.

For this years Arctic Sounds artists are arriving from Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Germany, Denmark, Nunavut, Poland, Latvia and of course Greenland.

The main names from Greenland this year are Nanook, Inuit Feet and Nina Kreutzmann-Jørgensen.

Arctic Sounds would not be able to exist without the help of our many sponsors. They are the ones to make the meet between the Nordic artists possible.

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