Arctic Circle Race celebrates 20 year anniversary in 2016


It will not be long before we again can get good use of our cross-country skis. There is this year a special reason to get in shape. Arctic Circle Race (ACR) is known as the world’s toughest race, is celebrating 20 years anniversary in April 2016.

Sign up in advance
They are open for registrations and the organizers say that many have expressed that they want to participate in the anniversary race. Be sure to sign up in advance, as the number of participants is limited.

There are usually many cross-country skiers from Nuuk participating and ACR has become one of the year’s absolute highlights in cross country skiing. Both cross country clubs NSP and the NUP have skiers that train specifically for ACR 2016 and there is still time to join the team.


The world’s toughest cross-country race
What makes the ACR to the world’s toughest cross-country race is that it is a three day race covering 160 km in Sisimiut’s hilly hinterland, where the nights are spent in a preset tent camp.

The tents are not heated, so you have to bring a good warm sleeping bag and maybe a reindeer hide to lay on.

Unique atmosphere
ACR is unlike other skiing races where you only see the other competitors during the race.

ACR has a unique atmosphere, as all participants live and eat together in the camp, and have the opportunity to talk and exchange experiences.

The Crown Prince might participate
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik has recently said that he thinks it would be exciting to participate in ACR. There is still no word on whether it will be in 2016, but ACR hopes to welcome the cool Crown Prince as a participant.

The Crown Prince has previously participated in races, among other the Vasa race and he has been on the Sirius Patrol’s dog sled expedition. It will be exciting to see if he participates in ACR 2016.

ACR 2016 will take place April 1 to 3.

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